Listen to "Italian Jouney"

Pasquale Stafano piano

Antonio Tosques guitar

Giorgio Vendola double bass

Pierluigi Villani drums


“Italian Journey” stems by the need to offer original music inspired by the sound of European jazz with a profoundly Mediterranean character. The tunes are composed by Pasquale Stafano and Antonio Tosques that describe, in a personal and characteristic way, the beauties of Italy. The atmospheres change according to the tracks in a refined alternation between the sweet and the bitter, the solar and the cheerful and the darker and more dramatic one. The tunes are musical tales that encompass travel notes, meetings and admiration for one’s own land, characterized by a strong rhythmic impact and, at the same time, by a high cantabile in which the melody is always at the center, and this is able to transport the listeners in a fascinating atmosphere, in which musical contaminations are wisely harmonized. The result is great interplay that makes the performance very and deeply interesting also thanks to the help of an eclectic quartet that includes musicians that can go beyond jazz.