Step into the captivating world of Pasquale Stafano, a renowned jazz pianist and composer. Immerse yourself in his diverse discography, including the latest release, “Sparks” (Enja Records, 2021), the Mediterranean journey of “Mediterranean Tales” (Enja Records, 2020), the nocturnal reflections of “Nocturno” (Enja Records, 2016), and the impulsive rhythms of “D’impulso” (Jazzhaus Records, 2012). Experience the tango-infused melodies of “Tango Mediterraneo” (Jazzhaus Records, 2008), the nostalgic charm of “A Night in Vienna” (Philology, 2005), and the debut enchantment of “Astor’s Mood” (Realsound Records, 2002). Stay tuned for Pasquale’s continuous journey, celebrating new jazz music in Italy.