Pasquale Stafano piano
Giorgio Vendola bass
Saverio Gerardi drums


Creative, romantic and cinematic ‘Sparks’ is the latest album by Italian pianist and composer Pasquale Stafano with Giorgio Vendola on double bass and Saverio Gerardi on drums released by German label Enja Records.

A contemporary jazz album where, merging together jazz and classical influences with a moderate use of electronic sounds, trio create something of hypnotic, emotional and uplifting. ‘Sparks’ is released on 24th of September and available in all platform.

‘Sparks’ is a metaphor for life. The EP offers a moment of meditation on the world to describe, in a lucid and dreamy way, as when someone admires a painting masterpiece, the multiple emotional experiences, the memories of real and imaginative journeys that all come alive. Everything returns to shine among the engaging sounds like sparks that light up and give the taste of time, immersed in emotions that lead from the frenzy of everyday life to the depth of landscapes of the soul.


“With this new album, totally different by my previous six, I want to open a new chapter of my music, trying to focus on the points of contact between jazz compositions and modern classical music always focusing on the beauty of melody”.

“Be Spark that lights up the life”


“Sparks will definitely open a lot of ears.”  All About Jazz  


“Pasquale Stafano has an incisive, unashamedly European, precise and emotion-creating pianism.”  Musica Jazz (IT)


An album full of vitality” Jazz Japan


“Lyricism, odd and articulated metric combinations without being cerebral, art rock hints: the late Esbjorn Svensson would have envied him a lot.”  Il Manifesto


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Sparks – One Sheet


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