Sparks - Enja Records - Pasquale Stafano


Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Pasquale’s latest jazz album, “Sparks.” Released through Enja Records, this sonic masterpiece reflects his transformative touch and leadership in the world of Italian jazz pianists.


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Pasquale Stafano, is one of the most remarkable italian jazz pianists, composers and arrangers who performs internationally.  He took the stage with his visionary projects, captivating audiences not only in his native Italy but also in different Countries including Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Morocco, China, Hong Kong, Arab Emirates, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. Pasquale's collaborations with some of today's foremost contemporary jazz musicians such as Javier Girotto, Gabriele Mirabassi, Fabrizio Bosso, Valtinho Anastacio, Max Ionata, Roberto Ottaviano, Michele Rabbia, Kiwha Lee, Yeahwon Shin, Adam Baldych have infused his compositions with a unique artistic resonance. With shared harmonies and creative camaraderie, his music blossomed, resonating with aficionados worldwide. A testament to his creative prowess, Pasquale Stafano's musical legacy is etched in seven albums where his artistic leadership shines. His latest offering, the captivating "Sparks", unveiled on the 24th of September in 2021 through historical label Enja Records, embodies his evolution as a musician and composer. Mediterranean Tales (Enja Records) in 2020, Nocturno (Enja Records) in 2016, D'impulso (Jazzhaus Records) in 2012, Tango Mediterraneo (Jazzhaus Records) in 2008, A night in Vienna (Philology) in 2005, Astor's Mood (Realsoun Records) in 2002.

Notably, his composition Milonguita took on new dimensions as it was skillfully arranged and recorded by the esteemed "12 Cellist der Berliner Philharmoniker." These gifted members of a renowned orchestra lent their artistry to Pasquale's work, and the result graced their album "Hora Cero," released by Sony Classics in May 2016.

Pasquale Stafano's commitment to musical education is evident through his workshops and masterclasses. From prestigious institutions in Italy to far-reaching universities in South Korea, Switzerland, and beyond, he imparted his knowledge, nurturing the next generation of musical talents.

In summary, Pasquale Stafano, the pianist with an innovative spirit, a composer with a global resonance, and an arranger with a transformative touch, has woven a tapestry of melodies that transcends borders. His journey is a symphony of collaboration, creation, and education, echoing across Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, and the world at large.
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