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Pasquale Stafano pianist Pasquale Stafano Krakow Jazz Summer - Photo by Domenico Iannantuono Pianist and composer Pasquale Stafano performed at EBS Nationa TV in South Korea


Pasquale Stafano YouTube Official Artist Channel YouTube Official Artist Channel July 16, 2021 I am so happy for having obtained Official Artist Channel by YouTube, now you can listen and watch everything in one place with my name!Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Continue Reading Pianist and composer Pasquale Stafano performed at EBS Nationa TV in South Korea Five years ago at EBS TV KOREA May 28, 2021 Beautiful memories in May 2016 in my tour in South Korea. So many amazing concerts and a live performance also in national TV EBS in the program EBS SPACE. I miss so much Korea, I hope to go back soon! Continue Reading Soundtrack composed by Pasquale Stafano New composition for orchestra and new video April 15, 2021 Soundtrack composition for orchestra by Pasquale Stafano is in his YouTube channel, the title is "All day long". Very emotional music with cool video edited by him.It's recorded at his home with DAW and VSTs with midi controller.Check it out Continue Reading Pasquale Stafano piano and Gianni Iorio bandoneon play Ennio Morricone Cinema Paradiso March 29, 2021 Hey there,I would like to share with you a video of my performance in Korea in 2016 at EBS TV. What a wonderful experience play live with audience and in live broadcast.Here I play with Gianni our arrangement of amazing Continue Reading Pasquale Stafano painting by Andesron Menara Awesome Artwork March 4, 2021 This morning I got a surprise by Anderson Menara from Brazil, this awesome artwork realized and gifted to me. Wow!!! Thank you Anderson! Continue Reading Pasquale Stafano pianist in recording studio New Recording Session! January 30, 2021 I am so happy to announce a new recording session for my new upcoming trio album "Sparks"The album contains 8 tunes composed by Pasquale and it will be released by German label Enja by MAtthias Winckelmann in Septepmber 2021. Continue Reading Happy New Year! January 1, 2021 Happy New Year my friends! Surely we will all be stronger and more determined after this past year and we face this 2021 with a lot of energy and desire to do! I wish you the best! Soon I will give you Continue Reading Merry Christmas Pasquale Stafano Merry Christmas to all of You! December 25, 2020 I want to wish you Merry Christmas!I recorded a short instagram video with my piano version of I'll be for Christmas, check it out in my IG or YouTube channel Continue Reading

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Pasquale Stafano, pianist, composer and arranger after his studies and degrees in classical piano and jazz at “Umberto Giordano” Music Conservatory in Foggia (Italy), he started the musical career playing with his projects in Italy, Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Morocco, China, Hong Kong, Arab Emirates, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. He collaborates with some of the best contemporary jazz musicians like Javier Girotto, Gabriele Mirabassi, Fabrizio Bosso, Valtinho Anastacio, Max Ionata, Roberto Ottaviano, Michele Rabbia, Kiwha Lee, Yeahwon Shin, Adam Baldych. He also collaborated with the Italian very famous actors Michele Placido and Giorgio Albertazzi. Pasquale recorded seven albums as leader, the last one is Mediterranean Tales with bandoneon player Gianni Iorio released in January 2020 by Enja Records. Read the review on All About Jazz by Ian Patterson. In September 2021 the new album “Sparks” will be released by Enja Records. His composition entitled Milonguita was arranged and recorded by cellos ensemble “12 Cellist der Berliner Philharmoniker”, all members of the most famous Orchestra, in their new album called “Hora Cero” released in May 2016 by Sony Classics. He is Piano Jazz Professor at “Stanislao Giacomantonio” Conservatory in Cosenza. He held workshops and masterclasses at University in Italy, South Korea, Switzerland,Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

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