Sparks - Enja Records - Pasquale Stafano
Release Date: September 24, 2021
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After the great success of the last album “Mediterranean Tales” released by prestigious German studio Enja Records by Matthias Winckelmann in 2020, the Italian pianist and composer Pasquale Stafano presents “Sparks”: a new album played by a new trio. The album will be released on 24th September 2021 by Enja Records. The other two trio’s members are Giorgio Vendola on double bass and Saverio Gerardi on drums, both eclectic and emotionally tuned musicians who manage to create the perfect sound for Pasquale Stafano’s music.

“Sparks” is a metaphor for life. The new album offers a moment of meditation on the world to describe it in a lucid and dreamy way, as when someone admires a painting masterpiece. The multiple emotional experiences, the memories, the recollection of real and imaginative journeys, they all come alive. Everything returns to shine among the engaging sounds like “sparks” that light up and give the taste of time, immersed in sparkling emotions that lead from the frenzy of everyday’ life to the depth of landscapes of the soul.

Recorded in Cavalicco (UD) in Artesuono Recording Studios by award-winning ECM sound engineer Stefano Amerio, this work stands out for its great energy and at the same time for its elegant lyricism, for the really suggestive and passionate melodies that reflect the artistic thought of Pasquale Stafano, passing through contemporary jazz and the Mediterranean melody.

Pasquale Stafano has created his own peculiar style perfectly capable of shape jazz in its various forms of expressions. His compositions, sometimes touching, sometimes sharp, have the unique energy to make his music exciting, communicative and poetic.


“Be Spark that lights up life”




“Una travolgente e impattante ondata di energia sonora, ritmica, sviscerata con palpabile impetuosità comunicativa, vigore interpretativo, in cui non mancano frangenti più serafici, contemplativi, che invitano a una profonda riflessione.” Stefano Dentice – Strumenti & Musica Magazine (16/10/2021)